#top 30 world food to try

When travelling to a country, it’s a must to sample the local cuisine. Not only do we need to eat, but most of us enjoy it. One of the most exciting aspects of travelling is the advantage to try new foods from around the world, whether it’s an Irish stew or a Moroccan tagine; don’t miss out on these top dishes.

So what is the dish of the country you’ve just landed in famous for?

Let’s broaden your tastebuds and strap on some loose pants because these dishes are sure to leave you salivating….

30. Haggis (Scotland)


Hailing from Scotland, haggis is pretty much a sheep’s guts pudding! With parts including the heart, liver and lungs mixed with oatmeal and there ingredients. Haggis is certainly an acquired taste.


29. Sautéed Reindeer (Finland)


Looks just like any other normal meat…except it’s not! If you can get over the fact that you may be dining on one of Santa’s pets, then grab yourself some Reindeer thats been sautéed in butter and salt and you’ll be hooked.


28. Cheese Fondue (Switzerland)


Mmmm… melting cheese…. not much more to say really. Except try it with the best local Swiss cheese.


27. Bosnian Pot (Bosnia & Herzegovina)


I don’t know what it is about the way the Bosnian’s put meat and vegetables into a pot, but it certainly tastes better over there. Usually filled with meats such as lamb and beef and vegetables such as carrots, onion, potatoes and cabbage – all cut up to fit just perfectly into your mouth!


26. Kimchi (Korea)


Fermented with loads of spices that it packs such a punch, Kimchi is the Korean art of making cabbage taste amazing. It can often be spicy so be aware before you devour a large amount.


25. Empanada (Portugal / South America)


You can find these through out South America such as Chile & Brazil, but originally hailing from Portugal. Empanada’s are tasty little pasties with a fancier name, bread/pastry stuffed with generally meats or vegetables.


24. Goulash (Hungary)


A tasty, spiced stew filled with various meats and vegetables. Celery and potato are very common, so is paprika for that kick factor.


23. Svíčková na Smetanê (Czech Republic)


Translates to beef sirloin in cream sauce, yum! Herbs such as pepper, bay leaves and thyme are thrown in too give it it’s wonderful taste. Usually served with assorted vegetables and breaded dumplings.


22. Irish Stew (Ireland)


Traditionally lamb, carrot and lots of potatoes are stewed together to create a mouthwatering winter dish. Don’t forget to grab some bread to soak up all the juices at the end!


21. Meat Pie (Australia)


Our very own signature dish (besides Vegemite!) is the good old Aussie meat pie. Make sure to grab a homemade pie, with chunky fresh cuts of beef and rich gravy. Add fries and peas to the side and you have a perfect meal… and don’t forget the tomato sauce.


20. Tacos (Mexico)


Everyone loves a good taco. Crispy shell filled with mince meat, topped with salsa, guacamole, cheese and whatever tickles your fancy! Might not be Mexico’s most traditional dish but definitely the best.


19. Poutine (Canada)


Canadians basically mastered the chips and gravy classic. They combined the two favourable items and added cheese curds. Not great for the calorie count but amazing for the taste buds!


18. Köttbullar (Sweden)


Who doesn’t love Swedish meatballs?? If you haven’t tried them, head down to your local Ikea and find them there, they’re just as good. Added with the creamy sauce is some lingonberry sauce and mash potato, this way you get the full Swedish experience.


17. Curry (India)


Wet or dry, doesn’t matter as long as it is spicy and packed full of spices! Filled with every spice from your cupboard and cooked until the meat is tender, Curries are famous worldwide.


16. Pho (Vietnam)


Pho, a native of Vietnam, a noodle soup consisting of broth, meats such as chicken or beef and fresh herbs. Such a hearty meal when you try Pho you will we hooked as the flavours excite the pallet. No matter how you pronounce it, as long as you eat it all.


15. Crêpe (France)


A thin French pancake. What you put on it is entirely up to your preference. Sweet or savoury, make sure you grab one from a street vendor while walking the streets of Paris; there is no better.


14. Tagine (Morocco)


Tagine’s are Morocco’s take on a stew. Named by the pot they are cooked in, they are slow cooked savoury stews. Usually consisting of fish or chicken, together with vegetables or fruits. Olives, nuts, dried fruits and spices such as paprika, saffron and cumin are common ingredients.


13. Laksa (Malaysia)


A spicy noodle soup, very similar to a Vietnamese Pho, but often coconut cream is added to a Laksa. Laksa’s tend to have a more variety of kinds such as seafood, curry, chili and different types of vegetables which makes them slightly heavier.


12. Sushi (Japan)


Japan’s most famous dish, Sushi is rice rolled in seaweed, filled with other ingredients such as seafood, vegetables and meats. Try the popular sushi consisting of raw fish, add some pickled ginger, wasabi or soy sauce for that authentic flavour.


11. Currywurst (Germany)


Classic German street food; the Currywurst. Consisting of steamed then fried pork sausage cut into slices and dashed with curry ketchup and curry powder. Enough said, take me to Berlin!


10. Fried Rice (China)


A staple food within Chinese cuisine, we all know it, we’ve all had it and we all love it! It can accompany any Chinese dish or even on it’s own. Add some vegetables, chicken, fried egg and some herbs and you have the perfect Chinese meal.


9. Hotdog (U.S.A.)


Who doesn’t love a basic good old hotdog. Tasty sausage topped with tomato sauce and mustard, or even go that one step further and add cheese and onion. Grab one of a local hotdog stand whilst strolling down the streets of NYC.


8. Pad Thai (Thailand)


Stir fried rice noodle dish, with egg, tofu, vegetables such as bean sprouts and chicken. What tops the cake is the dried shrimp, shallots and garlic along with the peanuts to give it that crunch. Very common street food; pick up a great one for next to nothing.


7. Fish & Chips (England)


Classic classic classic English dish. Very simple, fish covered in batter and deep-fried, served with chips and generally mushy peas. Add a slice of lemon and some fresh herbs on top and you have yourself one of the most simplest, yet delicious meals.


6. Souvlaki w/ Tzatziki (Greece)


Meat on a stick. Yum. What else could you want? Maybe some creamy fresh Tzatziki, yes! Usually lamb or pork and sometimes vegetables are added in between the chunks and then grilled until deliciously ready.


5. Wiener Schnitzel (Austria)


Although Aussies do a good Schnitzel, you can’t compete with the OG of snittys. Crumbed and deep-fried chicken breast, seasoned to perfection accompanied with some form of potato and gravy (depending on your preference) and you are sorted.


4. Tapas (Spain)


A wide variety of appetisers originating from Spain, they can be hot or cold. Not defining this selection to one specific dish but since tapas have taken on a form of their own, there is too much too choose from! The most popular consisting of chorizo, cheeses, olives and cold meats. Head down to a local Spanish bar and you’ll never know what you’ll find on the counter, something delicious no doubt though.


3. Döner Kebab (Turkey)


Succulent juicy meat wrapped around fluffy Turkish pita bread, pilled up next to lettuce, tomato and one of the many smooth sauces you can put in your kebab. EVERYONE loves a kebab… It’s the thin crisp shavings of meat that are irresistible.


2. Satay Chicken (Indonesia)


Whether it’s chicken or even beef or lamb grilled on a skewer, or mixed in a bowl with fresh vegetables… There is something about that peanut sauce that excites my tastebuds. Although typically an Indonesian dish, most South East Asian cuisines tackle this classic dish. If I see it on a menu I have to get it!


1. Pizza / Pasta (Italy)

This triumphant winner, was a no brainer. The only problem was I couldn’t decide on pizza or pasta. There are sooooooo many different flavours in which the two can excite my tastebuds, I couldn’t choose! Whether it’s a creamy carbonara or a spaghetti bolognese; a wood fired pepperoni pizza or a modern flavour combination of ingredients. I’ve sampled pasta and pizza from all over Italy and it is such a simple, yet amazingly beautiful combination. Thank the Roman gods who created pizza 🙂






(Pasta 2)

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Baguette, Escargot & Cheese in France

Turkish Delight in Turkey

Hamburger in U.S.A.

English Breakfast & Roast Beef in England

Churros in Spain

Chili Crab in Singapore

Moules-Frites in Belgium

Falafel in Egypt

Feijoada in Brazil

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