How to enjoy your layover in Singapore’s Changi Airport

So if you ever find yourself with a long layover in Singapore’s Changi airport; don’t stress as it’s voted best Airport in the world. By this standard I feel that you will most likely have a pleasant stay – well as pleasant as airport stays can be! Not only could you set yourself up in … More How to enjoy your layover in Singapore’s Changi Airport

Ready to roll

So yet another July rocks around and here I am again. This time I’m a little late into the game but still never the less. Yes it is that time of year when I fill up my backpack and get my passport ready for another summertime adventure. It’s that time of year when I escape … More Ready to roll

Travelers Inception

So today I woke up in what seems like a travelers inception. Why? Well I’m currently in a country within a country. San Marino, inside of Italy. It’s basically Italy but an independent country of it’s own. It’s surrounded by beautiful mountain views upon a hill and inside the walls of the city it has … More Travelers Inception

#life in amsterdam

Life in Amsterdam is not just getting high and wandering around the red light district. I have my bike, my coffeeshop job and my very minimal understanding of Dutch. With this it enables me to see the parts of Amsterdam I wouldn’t normally. The beautiful canals, luscious green parks and sampling of the delicious treats … More #life in amsterdam