mikey  |  est.1987  |  aspiring full time traveller

I am Australian.
I am also Italian.
I am living in Amsterdam.
I am an experienced traveller.
I am a believer of making each day count.
I am passionate about design, cooking and people.
I am a thinker inside of the box and also outside the box.
I am a believer of exploring the world to have new experiences.
I am a lover of exploring different cultures and finding out what this wonderful world has to offer me.

I am me.

[Mikey, Aussie, part time traveller, part time graphic designer and/or chef.
Over the last few years I’ve been in and out of Australia, travelling the globe (mainly Europe). I’ve lived in the U.K. and The Netherlands which enabled me to travel in and out of Europe. This is when I fell in love with Europe and the whole travelling lifestyle. The freedom, the sights, the people…. all of it. I love to travel and plan on visiting every country in the world].





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