#aussies at large


There are two kinds of Australians…ones who travel and ones who don’t. And they are two different breeds, they really are. The ones that travel are outgoing, friendly and are always down for a good time. But sometimes you can meet some that can be rude, obnoxious and irritating – there’s always one wherever you go.

This I know from experience. While travelling I have been off the beaten track and gone to places less touristy for a more local feel, but I have also done the big names. I have been to the most iconic spots Aussies go in Europe. Oktoberfest, Ios, Running with the Bulls and of course London. I’ve spent two Australia days at the Walkabout in London and why? Because we know how to party. You know what you’re going to get.

During my travels I have witnessed and met many fellow Aussie travellers. Honestly, I love it. It’s great – most of the time. When you are surround by people who don’t share your same language, views, culture or way of life then sometimes it’s relieving to hear the Aussie accent.

BUT this is half the time. The other half you want to get away from what you know, experience the culture of somewhere else. You don’t want to hang around a bunch of Aussies and do the same things otherwise why not just stay in Australia? BUT again, because we are two different breeds the ones you meet overseas are the best kind of people. I’ve found them easier to make friends, we have more in common and when we go somewhere where you don’t know anyone we tend to stick together.

Don’t be opposed to befriending Aussies just because you don’t want to be one of those people. Just don’t get stuck with ONLY Aussies. It can be hard to avoid us, we are everywhere I’ve learned – just remember: balance.

So how are we perceived by the rest of the world? From my experience, 99% of people find us funny, to be larrikins, good drinkers, love having a good time and are always up for one. Just decent people in general. This could also be the fact I’m Aussie and they don’t want to insult me….But I feel I can tell the difference.

I once heard from an Englishman that he had read somewhere that if the world had been given a superpower Australia should get it as we would use it for good.

There has been a few times I’ve been embarrassed by a fellow Aussies behaviour. It wasn’t so much in 2012 when the Aussie guy jumped in the Thames and managed to stop the famous Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race. Or not really in 2013 by the guy who got owned trying to retrieve the ham on top of the pole at the annual La Tomatina, which is the start to the festival (generally only liked to be done by locals). It was in 2014 when the girl in my 6 bed hostel dorm decided she’d be extremely rude. Half asleep, I awake to “Moves Like Jagger” playing from the bathroom. What woke me even more was the Italian guy asking her to turn it down. Once, twice, then he got angry. As others started to yell at her, he got up and banged on the door and now TOLD her to turn it down, there are people trying to sleep. She replied in a hasty tone, “I can play music if I want to!” – at 6am AFTER an epic night at Oktoberfest. The music kept playing, and the yelling at her got louder. She eventually stormed out of the bathroom and slammed the door. It was as if she gave 0 fucks. Generally I’d second that but not in this circumstance. She then stomped around, banged her suitcase while retrieving all her scattered items. What really got me was the way she packed, throwing everything around and even zipping her bag loudly on purpose. She then slammed the door behind her on her way out. I couldn’t believe she was that rude; I was even embarrassed to talk in fear they will recognise my accent and associate me with this bitch!

So if your going to do the things Aussies do overseas, it should be about embracing your situation without being rude and inconsiderate. Embrace being Aussie – be loud, boast as we are loud and are jokers that’s how we got our good rep, but find the line before you cross it. Were are probably all guilty of doing it, myself included but no one is perfect.

I am proud to be an Aussie, I love telling people about our country and I love being from here. After all, the best weapon to have while travelling is an Aussie accent 🙂


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