How to enjoy your layover in Singapore’s Changi Airport


So if you ever find yourself with a long layover in Singapore’s Changi airport; don’t stress as it’s voted best Airport in the world. By this standard I feel that you will most likely have a pleasant stay – well as pleasant as airport stays can be! Not only could you set yourself up in some luxury, but for me (and my travels) I’m more about getting the most out of my money so the less I spend the longer I can travel. Basically I won’t be paying $60 to sit in a lounge for 8 hours. What I will be doing is finding a nice comfy spot next to a charger and set myself up with WiFi or a nice little nap.

Download the iChangi App
Now while the WiFi here is free… it’s only free for three hours. This is unless you download the app and it’s free for 24 hours. If you haven’t done so before hand just log into the free WiFi for three hours and then download it. Don’t get caught out using your international roaming where my Australian Vodafone service warned me that it would cost $51.20 per MB! Thank god it was turned off!!

Find a power point
There are plenty of power points handy around Changi airport – but the trick is to find one that’s connected to a seat! There are chairs which have a little side table and a charger for both wall chargers and a USB port. Great for charging your laptop and your phone!

Have a bite to eat
You are spoiled for choice here, by this I do have to remind you that it is still an airport. Grab yourself some local cuisine for not a bad price tag. There is also a neat little bar inside so you can pass the time with a few ales.

There is numerous duty free shops here and also other kinds of souvenir shops, clothes shops and more. You might pay a bit more for certain items but it’s worth a look at the least.

Visit the koi pond
Probably my favourite part of Changi airport and the reason I don’t mind a stopover here. Take a stroll over the bridge to the magnificent looking gardens filled with a live Koi fish.

Don’t fill up your bottle until IN the gate
Now this is my biggest tip I can give. So after keeping a hold of my water bottle and emptying it prior security I thought that just before my flight I would fill it up. Then I soon realised that although you have already cleared security you will need to do a mini check as you enter your gate! Argh! And now I had to ditch the bottle as I couldn’t finish it. Now I could have easily exited the queue and emptied it but stubborn me thought no it’s fine they won’t care… wrong. Not only did they care but they made me throw the bottle away. Ironically enough there is a water fountain once inside the gate. What’s even more ironic? I knew this as last year I had travelled to Singapore and had been through this before!

So I’ve had my fair share of long lay overs in pretty shitty airports (Sofia is coming to mind) so if you do find yourself in Singapore airport relax and enjoy the time spent here.


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