Another day in Amsterdam, another celeb

So my day (the other week) starts of with what feels like it’s going to be just a normal day. I wake up, chill; maybe smoke, drink or hit the gym. Being a hot summer day, the kitchen I work in reaches temperatures of what feels like 45 degrees (celsius), so I feel like it’s hopefully going to be a relaxed night.
Think again.
The work phone rings and within an hour Rihanna is coming into smoke and grab some food to eat. Within what seemed like a madhouse for just one woman, it hit me that this would only happen in Amsterdam. Okay well it might happen in some states in America, but it certainly doesn’t happen where I grew up. Not only does no-one go there, but the marijuana laws are in full force.
It was a combination of how close I saw her (not that I get starstruck; people are people all the same inside) and the freedom to smoke (again not the fact that I’m a #firsttimetraveller who was amazed you can smoke weed legally), but it’s the fact that my visa for Amsterdam ends in just over a month and it’s experiences like this that I will miss – I need to stop taking each day for granted.
Some days I, like every other person, I have days where I just want to go from my bed to the fridge and back to remain. But as my time draws to an end in The Netherlands, I am appreciating the sights and wonders of this amazing city more and more, before the day comes where I wake up in another place thats not in the heart of the Dutch capital.



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