Ready to roll


So yet another July rocks around and here I am again. This time I’m a little late into the game but still never the less. Yes it is that time of year when I fill up my backpack and get my passport ready for another summertime adventure. It’s that time of year when I escape and swap them below freezing degrees for some sweltering rays of sunshine. For the last six years this has been a pattern of mine. But what is it about Europe Im so attracted too? It’s a mix of the sights, smells and sangria but more importantly the experiences I have. This time I start my travels off in the capital of Greece – Athens. Skip 6 weeks and and I’ll pass through Balkan lands and Spanish soil and with that said I will have set my eyes upon every country in Europe. From the tiny towns of Cinque Terra in Italy to the most visited city in the world – London.

But for the time being my next step is to dig through all my s**t in my closet, stuff those winter jackets at the back and squeeze myself back into those swimmers I once lived in. It’s time to prepare myself for another European summertime adventure where the fun never stops. This time I’m fully intent on sharing my experience with the world. Stay tuned.


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