Travelers Inception


So today I woke up in what seems like a travelers inception. Why? Well I’m currently in a country within a country. San Marino, inside of Italy. It’s basically Italy but an independent country of it’s own. It’s surrounded by beautiful mountain views upon a hill and inside the walls of the city it has a Game of Thrones feel.

So far the trek to the top was endured in the rain and what felt like being inside a cloud, but as the weather seems to be clearing up I find myself inside this little village/country that has a very medieval feel. There is something very self satisfying about this experience, well worth a visit 🙂

My journey here was an interesting one, starting from Venice I caught a bus which took about 3.5 hours to Rimini. Then after being told to buy bus tickets from three different places I finally found the tickets and the stop but ended up on top of the city. However I was staying at the bottom of the city so walking down with around 25kg of backpacks was at first daunting but after seeing the views it was totally worth it. I can now happily say the San Marino & Italy is a place I definitely enjoyed!


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