#life in amsterdam


Life in Amsterdam is not just getting high and wandering around the red light district.

I have my bike, my coffeeshop job and my very minimal understanding of Dutch. With this it enables me to see the parts of Amsterdam I wouldn’t normally. The beautiful canals, luscious green parks and sampling of the delicious treats Amsterdam has to offer such as Bitterballen & Speculoos.

Here’s just a few things to note:

The Dutch don’t all just smoke weed
Funny that, but it’s true. Majority of the coffee shops are filled with tourists as opposed to locals. My first Air BnB hosts asked me if I smoke, to which I replied yes but only tobacco…. They laughed and told me that not everyone here smokes weed!

Bikes rule the road
Cars fear them. Pedestrians fear them. They rule the road, they are everywhere and do NOT walk on the bike lanes! As a former pedestrian turned biker it’s a must have to get around Amsterdam. Although at first it can be a little daunting but once you get going you will understand how bike friendly and easy the roads are. It took me weeks before I got a bike and though walking everywhere was fine… Then I got a bike. And because people who drive learn to watch out for bikes, and a car causes more damage – you generally have right of way.

Only two coffee shops have a restaurant
Fact. The Greenhouse & Barneys are the only two that you can grab some fresh cooked munchies from.

Get wet wet weather gear
It does rain here. And if you bike you will get caught in it. This doesn’t stop people from cycling, just get yourself some waterproof clothes and if you can master the art of cycling with an umbrella, good work!

No spirits are sold in supermarkets
The big supermarkets only sell beer and wine. So if you are after some more hard liquor find yourself a Gall & Gall!


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