2/7/15 Travels abroad

So that time of year has come again, travel time! It’s that time of year I escape the winter and head north to my favourite summertime funtime destination: Europe.

This time I’m going to try my luck in Europe’s sin city: Amsterdam.

But at this stage I’m currently waiting in Bangkok airport, 8 hours and counting. My journey started when I woke up in my bed in Canberra at 2.15am, Wednesday 1st of July. From here I gathered everything I needed and waited in -2 degree weather for my taxi to take me to the bus station. From here on the bus to Sydney was a dream… I slept the whole way pretty much. All 3 hours of it. Checked in, beat the customs officers strike and said goodbye to my mother as I took flight toward Malaysia. In this 8 hour plane ride I managed to sleep a little, but the highlight wasn’t until I started talking to the two people beside me- one a German bloke just finishing up his down under experience and another girl from Sydney who was on her first ever journey abroad. Two experienced travellers and a newbie we had a lot to talk about. I felt like a professional traveller with all my tales of places been! I managed to convince her to join me for the night as she was on a layover; my flight was the next morning too so it worked out well.

Once we landed I was a bit rusty, needed to get my travellers mode on but it only takes a while then it’s in full gear. From here on in, in Kuala Lumpur, I had a friend and made another on the bus to the city centre in the form of a French girl (very long trip from airport to city centre!)

So the three of us dropped off our shit at my hostel and headed too flash our eyes upon the magnificent Petronas Towers. A wander around the towers and we found ourselves in a 7/11 buying beer. Cheap beer compared to Australia (but isn’t everywhere) but quite expensive for South East Asia I found. With the drinking culture not being so big here I understood why.

A few glances at some bars and a walk back to china town (insert delicious cheap street food here in my mouth) and it was time to say goodbye and for me to crash! 2.30am bedtime and a 7.15am wake up left me a lil dopey. 

Here’s what I had to say about my day, the 2nd of July 2015 – 

So here I sit waiting my 11 hour flight to Kiev with another one on the way. My thoughts go from what Russia will be like, the best possible way to get to my hostel right through to the anxiousness of finding a house and job in Amsterdam and then overcome by my everlasting euphoria I get when I sit back and say fuck it … This is a good life enjoy it!


Safe travels,


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