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25. Goa, India



Goa is seen as a more spiritual place to party, filled with beautiful beaches mixed with EDM DJ’s at their shores, sounds fairly satisfying.


 24. Krakow, Poland



One of the best pub crawls in Europe which you can do, Krakow’s streets are filled with promoters offering even CHEAPER drinks then they already are.


 23. Prague, Czech Republic



Home to the Karlovy lázně, a five story nightclub in the heart of Prague which is the the largest nightclub in Europe. If beer chugging is more your scene then Prague has a great selection of pubs and bars with a great selection of fine crafted beers.


22. Belgrade, Serbia



Belgrade is extremely affordable. On top of that it’s a city that has been bombed down and rebuilt numerous times. This champion city has emerged as a nightlife leader holding many festivals and having some epic clubs on the river… literally.


21. Cancun, Mexico



Think American spring break. Think Cancun. Miami’s less expensive equivalent is a party place amongst the young – beach parties galore. Coronas, chicas and Cancun all go hand in hand.


20. Pag, Croatia



A place not as known with the tourists…yet.. Pag island located in Croatia is a little party gem. It’s one of those places that’s understated, but blows you away. Dubbed a Croatian Ibiza, it’s a hot spot for music lovers to drink and dance the night away.


 19. Buenos Aires, Argentina



South Americans know how to party. If it’s 6am stay-outs, club after club after club then Buenos Aires has what you need.


18. Ayia Napa, Cyprus

ayia napa


Ayia Napa is known for throwing a good party. Smaller then places like NYC or London, it’s a place fuelled by alcohol and people determined on having a wild night so you are not going to be short on a good time.


 17. Dublin, Ireland



Home to some of the sickest underground nightlife, Ireland’s capital won’t disappoint. Dublin’s Temple Bar district is lined with bars, clubs and pubs so it offers something for everyone. If you want to amp it up go on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day and the experience is multiplied – and then some!


16. Lagos, Portugal



Portugal’s party paradise is up there with other coast-lined hotspots. Flights may cost a little more but once you are there, it’s much more affordable then other places. Lagos is a more chillaxed version compared to the other European party capitals but still packs a punch.


15. Los Angeles, U.S.A.



Wonder why so many sing about LA, it’s gotta be good right? Known for the most prestigious places to hit the town, the nightlife in LA does not disappoint. Glitz, glam and gallons of alcohol LA is the scene to be seen.


14. Budapest, Hungary



Home to what got voted the best bar in the world, Szimpla – a fantastic ruin bar in the heart of the city. Budapest has a selection of ruin bars, old school buildings done up to make you feel like you’re in a whole new world. If not you’re scene, check out one of their famous SPARTY’s, – a party in a spa! Filled out with locals and foreigners drinking and swimming whilst fuelling off hot tracks.  An experience like no other.


13. Las Vegas, U.S.A.

las vegas


Viva Las Vegas. Known for gambling and sin – millions flock here just to get a taste of the nightlife. Clubs, bars, shows, gambling – the list goes on, pick your poison!


12. Miami, U.S.A.



Imagine a place where it’s always warm, the beaches are golden and the streets are filled with party goers. Look no further than South Beach Miami. Sure it might be a little more pricey, you may have a wait in line a while but once your tapping into Miami’s exotic nightlife it will be all worth it.


 11. Magaluf, Spain



Located on the island of Majorca, Magaluf ain’t dubbed ‘Shagaluf’ for no reason. Its full of not only Northern Europeans escaping the cold, but people from all areas of the globe; East, West and South. Within walking distance, the beaches and streets are filled up with lights, ladies and liquor in this little party hotspot. Relax on the beach during the day or check out a booze cruise, then make your way into your large selection of clubs.


10. Koh Phangan, Thailand



Full moon parties riddled with the craziest of crazy. Epic beach parties and buckets full of your choice of liquor, there is no other place like Koh Phangan.


9. Barcelona, Spain



With a beautiful shoreline right on the edge of the city, Barcelona is a perfect place to soak up the sun before a wild night ahead. Party on top of the city at a rooftop bar or hit up some of the most notorious clubs in Europe.


 8. Bangkok, Thailand



Bangkok is a big city with a big nightlife. You can pretty much get whatever you want here and it won’t put you out of pocket. Khao San Road is where it’s at, every night this strip is packed with travellers looking for something, locals selling something and every bar pumping bass – the street is like a club on it’s own. Just grab a drink of a local vendor and dance the night away.


 7. Amsterdam, Netherlands



Amsterdam offers a very large variety of nightlife. From Coffee shop brownies to fresh brewed Heineken the streets and alleyways have some of the best night clubs and bars in the world. The famous Red Light District is also pumping every night of the week, both inside and out!


6. New York City, U.S.A.



With a city as big as NYC there is no way you wouldn’t find a good place to party. With the hundreds of bars and clubs to choose from, NYC offers a great selection of places to let your hair down. This city offers so many different scenes that you wont know where to start.


5. Mykonos, Greece



Greece’s most famous party island, Mykonos is a party place for all. Young, old, rich or whoever – it’s one of the top places people go to party. Surrounded by beautiful clear beaches, hot summer days and nightclubs headlining some of the biggest names in the business – it’s a must see!


 4. Berlin, Germany



The underground scene of Berlin is insane. This city not only has some of the top places in the world to party, but some of the most diverse places. The well known nightlife capital Berlin is not like the rest.


 3. Ios, Greece



Imagine an island tucked away in the Mediterranean where its sunny, surrounded by crystal clear waters and is devoted to one big party all summer. Look no further. It’s a place people go TO party. The tiny streets transform at night into one big party itself with people enjoying life in every corner.


2. London, England



With a diverse selection of pubs, bars, nightclubs, pubs, raves, pubs and did i mention pubs… London being the worlds most visited city needs to cater for everyone. A diversity in the city itself brings diversity to its nightlife. Home to major clubs like Fabric and of course the Ministry of Sound, if you don’t have a decent night out you might as well just stay home in bed.


1. Ibiza, Spain



There’s no wonder Ibiza is the hottest spot around. It’s the #1 place to party. It’s just crawling with the biggest clubs in the world, the biggest DJ’s in the world and the biggest nightlife in the world. It’s basically an island devoted to partying so if you’re planning a quiet retreat, forget it!


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