#top 21 cities

“Where’s your favourite place you’ve been?”

I get asked that all the time. It’s a very difficult question to answer, especially since I’ve been to 40+ countries and even more cities. How can I pick one? From the crystal clear beaches in Greece to the hustle and bustle of NYC, from the ancient wonders of Rome to the cultural haven of London – how can I compare when they’re on such different playing fields?

So what I’ve done is I’ve piled a list of the places I’ve been based on a combination of the cities atmosphere, nightlife, my experiences there and the people I met. Some places you can spend a small amount of time there but they have such an effect on you. Some cities may not have been the beautifulest, but my time spent there makes it memorable so that influences my top choices. It’s hard to get a balance from the generic places that everyone puts on their top cities list; I like big cities but I like places not everyone flocks too. It’s hard not to put cities like London or Rome as they offer so much diversity of attractions, history, culture and nightlife.













21. Prague, Czech Republic
Known for its crafty beers, Prague is like taking a step back through the ages with a splash of today’s lifestyle. It’s cobble streets and market squares make it a popular place for all types.














20. Mykonos, Greece
Beer, beaches and more beer. What more do you need? From it’s beautiful beaches to it’s top rated nightlife, Mykonos is up there with the top party destinations.













19. Berlin, Germany
Street art, currywurst, The Berlin Wall and an incredible nightlife. Berlin is a cultural hub filled with street art, modernism and home to some of the most fascinating history off all time – from a time the city was split in two.













18. Amalfi, Italy
Italy’s coastline is amazing.The Amalfi coast runs up the west coast and the town of Amalfi is so picturesque I literally stopped and took a breath mid-swim to stare at the seaside views. More time needed here for sure..about 20-30 years will suffice.













17. Lauterbrunnen (Swiss Alps), Switzerland
The clearest most freshest water you can imagine, with houses straight form a postcard, beautiful snow top covered mountains and a small little village that hosts everything you need in life.













16. Cappadocia, Turkey
Hot air ballooning over the city, ancient underground cities, odd shaped rocks and a feeling of adventure like your are Indiana Jones – Cappadocia is a small town in Turkey that is surrounded by rocky goodness.













15. Dubrovnik, Croatia
The medieval old town of Dubrovnik is must see. Not only is it surrounded by great walls but beautiful blue waters of Croatia. Filled with little alleys with big atmosphere theres something for everyone here. Climb the walls or take a trip up to the top and enjoy the views. Just be careful when it rains as marble streets and water don’t mix!













14. Rome, Italy
Colosseum, Vatican, Spanish Steps, Pantheon, Forums and so much more are just the attractions. Don’t forget the food, culture and the fact that every street has a rich history. Rome is one of the oldest cities in the world, and it shows but this is what makes it an ancient wonder.













13. Edinburgh, Scotland
With a medieval look and feel from the top of the Edinburgh castle down the whole cobble stone streets of the old town via the Royal Mile. There’s something about going into a small Scottish pub and having a pint mid winter season that makes you feel your in another world. Don’t forget new town!













12. Bangkok, Thailand
Thailand is known to throw a good party. If you want to get your hands on just about anything, check out Bangkok. Indulge in what Bangkok is famous for whether its naughty or nice and let the locals take you on a ride of your life. Whether its on the back of an elephant or the back of a Tuk-Tuk.













11. Bled, Slovenia
Not only are some of the most nicest people here, but they sure do make you feel at home. Being quite a small town built around a beautiful lake, there is actually a lot to do here. Explore the lake or grab a bite to eat – but definitely watch the sunset over the lake from on top of Bled castle.













10. Marrakesh, Morocco
Such a buzzy city here in Marrakesh, day and night. Fill up your pockets with goodies from the Souk markets and wonder home through the labyrinth streets to a beautiful riad that feels like an oasis. Best tip: Go and wonder and get lost amongst the city it’s the best way to discover the hidden treasures.













9. New York City, U.S.A.
Every person and place here has a story. Stand on top of the Empire State Building and look down at millions of different people and wonder their story. This is an experience, but only one of 1000 things NYC has to offer. The hustle and bustle of one of the most busiest and famous cities is extremely captivating and leaves you wanting more.













8. Istanbul, Turkey
Such an old city mixed with skyscrapers, Istanbul is one of the greats. Get lost in the Grand Bazaar or wonder over the bridge from Europe to Asia. Have a drink upon one of Istanbul’s many rooftop restaurants and enjoy the sights and sounds of the beautiful mosques.













7. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The streets of Amsterdam are some of most iconic in the world. Filled with canals and lined with rows of fine Dutch architecture Amsterdam is quite picturesque. Whether its relaxing in one of their famous Coffee Shops or hitting the wild nightlife via the Red Light District, it surely does feel like everythings right here. On top of that people are extremely friendly and love speaking English with you… could be the weed who knows? 😉













6. Santorini, Greece
Probably  the most beautifully scenic place in the world. They say its the best sunset in the world, and it really is. There is something satisfying about the small streets paved with white and blue, the crystal clear waters – and of course the cuisine.













5. Krakow, Poland
Krakow surprises. I did not think it would be top five, but here we are. It was not at all what I expected. The town square and surrounding area had such an amazing feel to it, with cheap and amazing food everything you need on the road is within walking distance. The nightlife here is really good too.













4. Budapest, Hungary
So this is one of those places I had it all. A week here filled with amazing people, best hostel I’ve stayed at, ruin bars, thermal baths and cheap beer. For the first time in months it felt like a home. Apart from my experience the city is beautiful, historic and fascinating. So much to see and do in Budapest it’s a must see in Europe.













3. Venice, Italy
Water filled streets, ancient architecture, Italian food and great weather. Venice was a city like no other. It feels like a floating city in the middle of the ocean incased with rich culture, nightlife and picturesque views that look like postcards.













2. Ios, Greece
If you want the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean combined with the party atmosphere of Ibiza, Ios is you’re place. By day its relaxing in the sun and by night the streets turn into one giant party. It is literally a party island and it’s amazing views make it one little slice of heaven.













1. London, United Kingdom
Ok so I’m bias. I lived here – by choice though. This means I got to explore the rich historic, cultural heaven this place is. From the green tranquil parks to the modern skyscrapers, from the Queen’s residence to the most iconic streets and architecture in the world – London has something for everyone. One street can be crowded with people from all over the world yet turn a few streets down and it can be filled with something surprising. Pubs, food, fashion, attractions new and old, bridges, castles, social movements and one amazing skyline all add up why London is the best place I’ve been.

  • Note: Dublin – St Patrick’s Day here is like no other, the city itself is beautiful.
    Pompeii – Ok so I was only there for half a day, but it had such an impact it needs to be mentioned.


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