#travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer… 
traveller vs. tourist


We have all heard this before. Right? On a blog, a poster, in a hostel and on just about every travel website. I could be slightly overused but honestly it’s a fairly accurate saying.

Let’s get a better understanding of how travel can make you richer.
Now there are two types of people who travel. A traveller and a tourist. This is an age old argument which travellers will defend. A traveller travels, and a tourist goes on holidays. How do you distinguish the difference you may ask? A comprehensive list of appearance, possessions and places are below:



Accommodation: Stays at hostels
• Money: Has a bare minimum amount of funds for certain spendings (e.g. food, accommodation, BEER)
• Food: Buys food from a general store to cook in the hostels kitchen, occasionally dines out
• Beer: Drinks 99c beer
• Luggage: Carries a backpack with items attached to the outside
• Possessions: Has bare essential possessions
• Appearance: Long hair, can be dreads, wristbands and usually a t-shirt given by a fellow traveller, singlet (vest), thongs (flip flops), a local bars t-shirt won the night before for drinking 10 shots in 30 seconds


• Accommodation: Stays at hotels (hot showers, fluffy pillows, double bed)
• Money: Has quite a sufficient amount of funds
• Food: Dines at nice restaurants
• Beer: Drinks the fancy beer
• Luggage: Wheels a suitcase or 4
• Possessions: Has all the required possessions they would use in their normal daily routine
• Appearance: The same as they got off the plane, camera, bumbag, joggers.

Every now and then a traveller indulges in a bit of touristy action. It might be a guided tour or whipping out your camera at a world famous site. Who wouldn’t want a selfie in front of the Pantheon? And a guided tour is the best way to learn there and then about the history of the city you are in. And every now and then a tourist indulges in a travellers lifestyle. Eating out every night can get overwhelming and 99c beer does’t taste too bad at all.

But does staying in 4 star hotels make you unaware of a city’s culture? Not necessarily, but when you take the luxuries of your home to everywhere you go, it does not make you richer in the metaphorically sense … it makes you you in a different postcode. The term of ‘makes you richer’ doesn’t mean in money form. It means you grow as a person, learn new cultures, accept different kinds of people you normally wouldn’t, get pushed out of your comfort zone and experience a whole new world of emotions that you wouldn’t normally. This is what it means by ‘makes you richer’ and travel certainly does. But if you don’t indulge in the heart of it and take the comforts of home with you everywhere I don’t think you can gain a full richness. You get a penny when you need to get the whole dollar.

But does spending money on possessions make you materialistic and less humble?
Does spending money on travel make you more appreciative and more aware of the world and cultural effect on people? I guess the question really is does travel make YOU richer?



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