#staying a traveller at home


When you are a traveller, you don’t just stop becoming one over night because you return home. Your attitude, your ambitions and your views of the world tend to stay with you. It’s generally the people around you back home that don’t seem to share these views so they can sometimes be suppressed. More than often its non intentional but the fact of the matter is not everyone can relate to you. It’s the people that have had similar experiences that find your tales of adventure more appealing. Many people around you will seem to “roll their eyes” at the fact you have been to 36 countries in the last 6 months or endured enormous feats such as climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro or sailing the crystal clear waters of Croatia. However it’s perfectly acceptable for people to sit there and tell you all about their new car or invite you round to their inner city apartment and offer you a glass of fancy wine. Generally this seems normal, and I’m not saying people do this to boast, but for those who like to save their money and travel we know that all these are luxuries that we give up. Not only on the road but in the interim when we’re trying to save.

Although true friends may not snicker, the rest of the world might. Then you try and justify it with the fact that the last 6 months of that year you were dining in Italy’s Tuscany region, basking in the Mediterranean and sampling food from around the world and boom – your a snob. For those who “roll their eyes” it must be jealously, whether it’s in good spirit or not. Majority of people can save and buy nice items, so it’s quite socially acceptable for mentioning these into normal conversation without realisation. However when mentioning adventures from abroad not everyone can easily do this; it takes determination and sacrifices. However when discussing with other travellers it’s tales of interest; they are generally interested in your stories as they have or are yet to experience these adventures. Your somewhat of a hero.

See some people work and save to have these nice items in life, where as some people work and save to travel the world, grow their experiences and develop more culturally and more aware of the world and themselves. So is it arrogant to say “I’ve been to 52 countries” in a humble tone? Keyword being HUMBLE. Many travellers conversations involve being overseas, as this is where most interesting stories derive from.

So you know what?
If you have travelled then you will know how easy it is to make genuine friends so those “eye rollers”, it’s okay to catch up less regularly with them; plus this way you’ll be able to spend less money and save for your next adventure. My theory, you are only in your 20’s once so enjoy them before the repetitive daily grind we call mid-life has to be endured. So make new friends, try new adventures at home and find a new or even an old hobby you enjoy. It’s okay to be a slave to the man and take some down time – get pampered by your parents, accept the birthday and Christmas presents people have waited to give you and most importantly SLEEP. Travelling is not free and we need that stage where we have to spend our time saving for the next big trip. Just remember, money does not necessarily make you happy…. but it does buy a plane ticket 🙂


One thought on “#staying a traveller at home

  1. Great words! For me personally, there are only a few things that are more important than traveling. Each and every euro of mine is being invested in the next plane ticket 🙂

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